Monday, March 2, 2015

Tips Booking Hotel Accommodation

You surely want to make things go smoothly as your longed waited vacation is getting near. If you're done deciding your target destination, the planning does not just end here. There are still several considerations to settle in especially if you are seeking for ways to meet your budget travel.

To start with, find cheap flights online. You may also need to set some money aside for unexpected expenses along your trip. Actually, there are many things to contemplate with, including your accommodation. How do you want your holiday to be just fun, exciting, comforting, and relaxing? Thus, plan for your accommodation on top of the list!

Search for discount deals online

Among the most soothing and popular place to stay by holidaymakers are hotels. Many travel sites offer accommodation deals with a good price cut. Shop around online and compare the costs. Some travel sites give off a package with cheap flight and hotel inclusion in a much affordable rate, which is ideal to get less. Don't forget to check on the site's review getting to know their ways of administration, as you explore around the web for good hotel deals.

Scrutinize the hotel deals that offer "good to be true"

You may come across on sites that deal with economical hotel rates. But if the offer sounds too good to be true, for the cost seems to be considerably lower compare to its surrounding hotels, make sure to scrutinize well before you purchase. In most occasions, accommodations are offered very economical due to these possible reasons: there is a high crime rate within the location; or the building is on progress of construction; or it is already very old.

Online booking considerations:

When it's time for you to book for a hotel room online, you should also check these factors:

Read first the terms and conditions.
What type of room do you like?
How much is the amount of the deposit?
Are there specific discounts offered (student discount, for senior, military, and more)?
Are there hidden charges or extra fees for facilities and amenities (spa room, fitness center, swimming pool, etc)?
When it comes to payment for online booking, it would be better to use your credit card over your debit card. This is because credit card holders are far more secured in the event of scam. As a rule, your credit card company will fight the offender on your behalf, while your card will only dispense $50. Your credit card company will also cover the expenses over $50. Compare to debit cards, the holders will have to fight for the whole expenses on their own.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tips To Choose A Hotel For Your Holiday Stay

A holiday is never complete without the right accommodation. This is an important aspect to consider since it can determine how comfortable you end up feeling throughout the holiday. Your accommodation can also determine how relaxing your holiday turns out to be. Hotels are the most popular when it comes to holiday accommodation. Luckily, holiday destinations have the hotels in plenty. Your homework will be to choose one that meets the holiday expectations you have.

1. Go through hotel reviews. They work effectively in letting you know what to expect from the hotel you are settling for. There are sites dedicated to comparing holiday accommodations and from such you can gather as much as possible on your hotel. You also get to know of experiences from customers who have been to the hotel for holidays. Making your choice is easy with such reviews.

2. Check the onsite facilities. These facilities will determine the overall convenience and experience you have while at the hotel. The choice should match your preferences. For instance, if you love swimming you should consider a hotel that has a pool at your disposal. The same goes for other facilities such as golf course, restaurant and spa.

3. Family friendliness. This is of importance when setting out for family vacations. Small children need special items such as cribs and high chairs and since you cannot carry them with you, the hotel should provide if it is family friendly. Other items that will give your family a pleasant experience include refrigerator, pool and air conditioner among others.

4. Consider services offered. A holiday is supposed to be lots of fun and additional services during your stay can be quite beneficial. They will give you time to enjoy your destination. Some of the services you can find helpful include babysitting, laundry and cleaning. If you wish to enjoy such, make sure your hotel does offer them to keep disappointments at bay.

5. The number of stars. Hotels are categorized in 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star. The more the stars the better the quality of the hotel and the more expensive it is likely to be. The kind of holiday you have in mind can help you choose the best level. Are you looking for something luxurious or something economical? It is here that you get to make the choice.

6. Consider complimentary breakfast. It can make a huge difference in your holiday budget, especially when you are staying with family. It can be costly to buy breakfast for a large family hence a hotel offering complimentary breakfast can be a great choice to save you money. If this is not available, consider making your breakfast to save some money.

7. Consider pet friendliness. If you are going on a family holiday, you will most likely also bring your pet along. Not all hotels accommodate pets and it is important to find out before making any reservations for the holiday. If it does offer the services, find out if you will need to make extra charges for cleaning and other pet services.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hostels in Paris for Traveller

Hostels attract a wide variety of people so, today, modern establishments must cater to the full range of travel styles. This is no less true for those in Paris, but while the city is known for its opulence, it still offers a range of budget experiences for many different types of traveller.

The Walker

The City of Love has long been an icon of nostalgia, with its many beautiful streets and tiny, cobbled lanes and back alleys. From the winding streets of Montmatre to the elegant boulevards of the 7th arrondissment, this is a city that reveals its true character to those who explore on foot. Famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe aside, there is an intangible romantic quality to the sometimes calm, sometimes frenetic paths that have gathered so much history. It should come as no surprise, then, that many of those who come to stay in the hostels in Paris are keen to explore the city on foot. This type of visitor is not necessarily a backpacker; they may well have money to spend on more expensive accommodation, but are keen to immerse in a more inclusive and authentic experience of the city. The centrality and diversity of the locations of hostels in Paris, juxtaposed with the ease with which one can stroll around the city, using the central River Seine as a backbone of discovery, make it an ideal choice for this kind of traveller.

The Photographer

It seems that everyone is a photographer these days. The advent of quality lenses on mobile phone cameras and social sharing sites such as Instagram and Pinterest has seen the end of photography as a domain for the professional or a culmination of artistic sweat and tears. This has also led to the rise of the traveller who seems perpetually glued to their camera. The best hostels in Paris serve as an opportune base, allowing the keen amateur snapper to explore the many central landmarks, museums, and cultural hot spots deemed the most photogenic. What could be more iconic than the instantly recognisable silhouette of the Sacre Coeur, or the imposing facade of the Louvre? But alongside those images are the ones waiting to be captured by the eagle-eyed amateur - ones of the street market in Montegueil or far ranging vistas from the tower of Montparnasse.

The Social Butterfly

The solitude of staying in a hotel is perhaps at its most romantic in this city, and has been exemplified in many a whimsical film. Yet such romance is often better tasted in the context of fiction! For many, the key to enjoying this famous cultural melting-pot lies in mixing with other travellers and, importantly, with locals. The hostels in Paris are designed to cater to this type of traveller, let's call them the "social butterfly", with a range of common areas that encourage open communication and the opportunity to share experiences.

The Gourmand

Along with the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the romantic vision of lovers locked together by the Seine, the French capital is perhaps most renowned for its cuisine. The gourmand traveller, even those on a tight budget, will have at their disposal countless opportunities to taste, test and be tempted by the myriad places to eat in Paris. For those who choose to stay in a hostel, visiting local markets and purchasing authentic delicacies to bring back and cook for themselves is often one of the most memorable 'foodie' experiences of their stay.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tips Hiking in the Pindus Range, Greece

The Pindus Mountains, which bisect the country, running from North to South, are often referred to as 'the spine of Greece'. This 160km long mountain range runs from the Albanian border all the way to the north of the Peloponnese Peninsula. Its highest point is Mount Smolikas, which is 2,637 metres tall. This range is one of the best places to hike in Greece, with its varied geography of high mountain peaks, rolling hills, lush valleys and deep, dramatic gorges. Along its varied length there are two National Parks, Aoos-Vitus National Park and Pindus National Park.

One of the most popular walks in the Aoos-Vitus National Park is the walk through the Vikos Gorge. This route, it should be noted, is not a walk in the park. While well-maintained, this is an ankle-twisting trail which traverses the limestone uplands of Mount Gamila for 20km. Be sure to check conditions before you set off as the snowmelt of April or early May can often make the end nearest Monodhéndhri impassable. Be warned that heavy rainfall can also lead to landslides on the sides of the gorge. Still, if you set out well-prepared then you will be rewarded by the spectacular scenery - the gorge walls are sometimes over 1000 metres in height and tower over you in rocky splendour.

Another option is the beautiful walk along the banks of the river Aoos. This gorge walk as also dramatically stunning. You can walk from Konitsa and those who have a good level of fitness could consider continuing the walk up to the summit of Mount Papigo. There are many signposted trails around Vikos and Aoos that provide walking options for a range of fitness levels, ages and abilities.

Unfortunately, the surprisingly little-known Pindus National Park does not benefit from such good signage. Even getting there from the main road is a bit of a mission as there are no proper signs. You can gain access to this rugged wilderness by way of the village of Perivoli to the north.

The dirt roads that cross the mountains and weave their way through the dense black pine and beech forests of this area are perfect for hiking and more than likely if you are in search of peace and solitude then you will find it. If you are lucky you may see a glimpse of a brown bear - this is one of three regions in Greece still populated by these shy animals. If you walk in Flegga Forest, you may also catch sight of wolves, lynxes, wild cats, deer or wild boar. If you are looking for somewhere different to go, then Pindus National Park could be the perfect place as it is unlikely that anyone you know has been. This is the least known and least visited national park in Europe, which is a shame, unless you are looking to escape the crowds that is.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tips Hiking in Abruzzo, Italy

This wild, untamed and hauntingly beautiful region is fairly close to Rome and yet is surprisingly infrequently explored by foreign tourists. Get off the tourist bandwagon and explore this exciting area on foot. This is the perfect part of Italy for a hiking holiday, whether you are looking to scale the Apennine Mountains, follow trails between idyllic, hill-top villages, or simply take a gentle stroll in a beautiful valley or through fragrant wild-flower meadows. The scenery, friendly locals and outstanding trails of this region will make for a memorable holiday. If you are thinking about visiting Rome but have been put off by the summer crowds, why not visit this region for some time as well, combining a hectic city visit with a more laid back countryside vacation?

Whether you walk independently or take a guided tour, there is much to see and do here. This region does, after all, boast not one but three national parks! There is the Gran Sasso, which contains many of the Apennines' highest peaks, the Majella National Park, another dramatic mountain range, and the National Park of Abruzzo, which is an important place for the preservation of native flora and fauna, which includes bears, wolves, chamois and wild boar. Throughout Abruzzo you will find a large number of exemplary mountain hikes and valley trails to suit most fitness levels, though this is a rugged region with more steep gradients and challenging walks than gentle rambles.

The dramatic peaks of Gran Sasso offer the greatest challenges to mountain walkers in the area. These are a bulky massif comprising two parallel mountain chains flanking the Campo Imperatore Plain that stretches for 27km at over 2000m above sea level. The National Park has a huge number of hiking trails that allow you to explore this dramatic region.

In the Abruzzo National Park you can base yourself in the central village of Pescasseroli, which will allow you to strike out on one of the trails that radiate out from this hub. Get away from the tourist village and you will swiftly find yourself in the glorious scenery of the Apennines.

In the Maiella Mountain Range there are about 500km of walking trails to be enjoyed. Here you can also see the cave paintings in the Grotta Sant'Angelo and you can explore the one of the deepest natural caverns in Europe that is open to the public, the Grotta del Cavallone. You can also ascend to the highest peak of the massif, Monte Amaro, which is 2793 m high.

There are many dramatic landscapes to be experienced in the varied and wild region of Abruzzo. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the sublime and breathtaking views you will get from high in the mountains and of course always be sure to arm yourself with the right gear and a good map - as is usual in Italy, signposting can be patchy and it can be easy to miss an indication. That said, even if you do get lost once in a while, you are sure not to mind when you are surrounded by such natural beauty.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tips Hiking in Catalonia

The Catalan Pyrenees can be reached in just three hours or so from Barcelona and are popular with hikers in the summer and skiers in the winter. These imposing peaks cut off the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe, creating something of a cultural break as well as a geographical one. Each year, many people choose to enjoy this wild and rugged landscape; its peaks of over 3400m, its fiercely flowing rivers and lush, green valleys, its age-old villages and historic rural churches.

There are countless excellent hiking trails and mountain passes threading this area, including two extensive long distance trails, the GR11 and the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne (HRP). Both of these routes traverse the Spanish Pyrenees from end to end, the former starting in the Golfo de Vizcaya (Bay of Biscay) in the Basque region and ending in Cap de Creus, near Cadaqués in the east, the latter covering higher, wilder and rougher terrain deep in the mountains, criss-crossing back and forth on the Spanish-French border. The Catalan stretches of these are highly regarded though the full routes are really only for experienced hikers and mountaineers.

If you are not quite up to these difficult long-distance trails or simply don't have the time for such a far-ranging excursion, there are plenty of other shorter hikes and gentler walks in the Catalan Pyrenees. Ripoll, easily reached from Barcelona, is a gateway to the mountains of this area. Just north of Ripoll is Ribes de Freser, where you can take the breathtaking cremallera railway journey to Núria. Accessing this region opens up a whole world of hiking and trekking in these mountains to the north-west of Ripoll during the summer months.

Further west, the Serra del Cadi offers a range of hiking options that centre around the recognisable peak of the Pedraforca. To the north some flatter walking in the valley, La Cerdanya, which is extremely popular with outward bound enthusiasts. The capital of the valley is Puigcerdà, a lively town. Nearby are the popular ski resorts of La Molina and Masella with stretches of mountainside that are as perfect for hiking in summer as they are for skiing in winter.

Further west still, the mountainous terrain around La Seu d'Urgell is said by many to offer some of the very best hiking in the Pyrenees. If you would like to combine your hiking with another outdoor adventure then river rafting on the white waters of the Noguera Pallaresa valley could be just the adrenaline-fuelled activity you are looking for.

The final area excellent for hikers is the rugged far north-western section of the region which is covered by the Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes I Estany de Sant Maurici, another skiing region that doubles as a hiker's paradise in the summer months.

With all these areas to explore, the Pyrenees could offer you a lifetime of hiking opportunities. But even in a week or two you will be able to get a taste of the dramatic and spectacular mountains and valleys of Catalonia.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Luxury Facilities and Services at 5 Star Hotels in Jaipur


Jaipur, the fascinating Pink City of Royal Rajasthan, is one of the most well-planned and beautiful cities of its time. Established by the then Rajput Maharaja, Sawai Jai Singh, in the year 1927, Jaipur represents the perfect blend of an intriguing history and modern cosmopolitan lifestyle. The city earned its popularity as 'The Pink City' from exquisite architectural splendors that line across in pink color. Nevertheless, Jaipur is also predominantly renowned for its artisans, musicians, craftsmen, and sumptuous cuisine that stand as proud epitome of rich cultural heritage of this city.

Jaipur Places to Visit

With elegant architectural landmarks, rustic desert life, and modern comforts, Jaipur has emerged to be one of the most eminent tourist destinations in India. Every year, the city attracts footfalls from different corners of the world, in pursuit of royal Rajput lifestyle, rich cultural heritage and incredible luxuries of contemporary lifestyle. Some of the must-visit places in Jaipur are Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Museum, Central Museum, Ishwar Lat, Dolls Museum, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Gaitor, Nahargarh Fort, Sisodia Rani Garden, Moti Doongari, Laxmi Narayan Temple, and Birla Planetarium.

Jaipur Hotels

When it comes to accommodation in Jaipur, nothing is more fascinating than emerging into the luxuries and comfort of 5 star hotels in the city. Being the land of royal kings and princes, the city is blessed with unparallel opulence and lavishness, presented beautifully in luxury hotels. In addition to this, since Jaipur attracts tourists from across the world, every effort is made in offering the best services and impeccable facilities to the discerning travelers.

Besides 5 star hotels in Jaipur, there are good numbers of budget inns and boutique hotels as well, offering best possible facilities and services at affordable prices.

5 Star Luxury Hotels in Jaipur

Presenting a blissful blend of glorious Rajput lifestyle and modern comforts, Jaipur 5 star hotels are a treasure trove for well-heeled travelers from across the world. A royal exuberance and charm adorn the hotels, with elegant interior décor, plush furniture and furnishings, impeccable services, and warm Rajasthani hospitality. With a splendid choice of luxury guestrooms and suites, these taverns are ideally the best accommodation in Jaipur.

In addition to world class amenities and comfort that embellish the hotel rooms and suites, finest accommodation experience is ensured with modern facilities and flawless services that will melt your heart. Multi-cuisine restaurants, bar and lounge, café, fitness center, swimming pool, spa, and unlimited recreation are some of the signature facilities offered by these luxury taverns. Furthermore, the hotels offer unparallel facilities for babysitting, laundry, valet car parking, special concierge, complimentary Internet access, complimentary local calls, shopping arcade, safety deposit box, limousine service, beauty salon, and business services.

To have the best of the Pink City, you have to experience it with 5 star hotels in Jaipur.